Jaume I University in its role as a catalyst for cultural life opens up a new space for art and new technologies with the UJI-encultura project. It is a space designed to strengthen relations between the general public and art, and between the present and the future. The initiative has the following aims:

  • Integrate culture as a value and reference in university life.
  • Improve the dissemination of the university's cultural programme.
  • Integrate cultural endeavour as a cornerstone of social development.
  • Stimulate, promote and raise the profile of cultural education and creation in all spheres.

The project was launched through the University's Artistic Innovation Classroom, the structure designed to foster activities in a line of innovation related to art, new technology and media. The Artistic Innovation Classroom believes in youth leadership in building the future. It is coordinated by the Creative Connector platform of artists through a collaboration agreement that has facilitated various other collaborative projects in the past.


The Display project offers a series of contents that go beyond the exhibition event alone to expand knowledge through process, experience and emotion. Depending on the theme, special guests may include artists, theorists, scientists, researchers, representatives of institutions, programmers, and so on.


Exhibition of artistic projects not limited by expressive technique and with an emphasis on key concepts such as interdisciplinary work, transmedia and interactivity. Guided tours available.


Informal meeting with a guest artist who presents their work and engages in conversation with visitors.


Contextualized exhibition of video art. The works will be on public display at the UJI and guided tours will also be offered.


Masterclass format in which a renowned professional explains key aspects of their working dynamics.

* Display events are developed alongside the Aula de Innovación Artística's training activities.


The Covid-19 pandemic has also had an impact on Display's programme of activities. When activities can be held, they are announced on the University's communications channels. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Display activities will mainly be held in the Paraninfo Multiuse Hall of the Jaume I University. Creative Connector places at the disposition of the Display project a space on the platform at the Castelló de la Plana Centre where it already has the core equipment required for its activities.

On occasion, activities take place outdoors or in different spaces around the city or university campus.


These dynamics afford artists the role of events producers capable of renewing the relationship between art and the society we live in.

Display aims to foster cultural enrichment, in the city and for all of its residents, by stimulating young people and giving them the chance to share and experiment. Display's output, acts and interactions introduce students and the general public to new languages of artistic expression, familiarizing them with new technologies and languages, and contemporary theoretical discourse. Display is a link between art, science and technology.

In short, the project's vision is to strengthen human relations, connecting past, present and future, maximizing creative development and learning, and raising awareness of our own place in our context.

The UJI takes charge of promoting a contemporary laboratory of artistic expression as an essential condition for evolving as a society in Castelló.