Alba G. Corral uses creative coding and the Processing visual language to create a constantly changing generative installation piece.

The artwork is inspired by the phenomenon of emergence that takes place in biological and chemical processes, and it is focused on generating a simulated ecosystem or an endlessly evolving landscape. The piece develops from an initial set of instructions, and the computer program acts as a co-author, making decisions based on a series of pre-established parameters. The final result, like nature itself, is unpredictable and surprising.

This is a new version of the artwork, in which a renewed colour palette has been added to enrich the visual experience. The piece is generative and changes constantly, evolving as it is performed. It is a reflection on the systems that govern our lives and how they can operate in complex settings, interacting with other systems, living beings and natural processes.

Alba G. Corral

Madrid, 1977

Visual artist, based in Catalonia and creative coder. With a background in computer engineering, Corral has been using software and coding to create generative art for the past decade. Her work encompasses live performances, video, digital media and installations, exploring abstract narratives and expressing sensitivity and a taste for colour. By combining generative systems with improvised drawing techniques, her digital language becomes organic and gives rise to fascinating digital landscapes. Corral is known for her impressive live audiovisual performances, where she integrates coding and drawing in real time in collaboration with musicians.

In addition, she teaches designers and artists visual programming in different formats including lectures and workshops on creative coding using open source tools (Processing).

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